Do You Really Understand Your Forex Cost?

TouchFX is an innovative post-trade solution for buyers of Foreign Exchange (FX), to control and drive down the total cost of their FX transactions.

Automated Surveillance

While the 10 largest banks currently control over 80% of the $5.3 trillion daily forex market, you remain locked out to competitive prices.

Through TouchFX, instantaneous price alerts give you the ability to see clearly whether you have been overcharged by your liquidity provider.

Savvy Intelligence

TouchFX gives you the tools to analyse the total cost of your transactions, providing absolute transparency over your bank’s execution strategy, enabling you to secure the best rate in the market.

Its powerful data mining capabilities reveal which provider gives you the best cost for your transactions thus providing valuable insight not only for your treasury office but also for your trustee board to tactically and strategically drive down the costs of your forex transactions.

Save Money, Save Time

Increased demand for reporting has thus far been tackled by manual spreadsheets which is time consuming and prone to human error. TouchFX eradicates the need to perform manual reconciliation with its real-time valuations, which saves money and time.

Automated and in-depth report management tools show the charging strategy of your banks and the level of loss revenue terms due to over charging. The report-writer generates comprehensive reports any time, both on an adhoc or scheduled basis with little effort. You can easily share your reports with any audience – colleagues, regulators, banks or trustees.

The easy-to use reports can be utilised from operations, all the way up to trustee level, ensuring you better meet and demonstrate your fiduciary responsibilities.

Optimised Margins

TouchFX allows you to optimise your liquidity and reduce your funding costs.

The all-essential consolidated view of all your FX transactions and margin rates helps you compare rates across liquidity providers and assists you to secure the best rate. The built in visual notification system gives you early warning to provide better management of your portfolio and mitigate against exceeding your specified
margin limits.

Real-time alerts enable you to manage your collateral requirement and avoid tackling sudden margin calls, particularly during periods of volatility in the market.

With TouchFX, defaulting will become a thing of the past.

Effortless Integration

With over 20+ years client integration experience, covering more than 100 different platforms and 1000s of clients, TouchFX integrates with internal systems, global bank, custodians, fund administrators and third party vendors. Integration is undertaken with ease.

TouchFX is part of the Infinity Capital Partners Group, which has been authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority since 2009.

Our team of world class experts have a wealth of experience in foreign exchange, risk management and software design. The team have worked for some of
the largest global financial institutions including: